New Taekwon-do Promotions at Infinity Martial Arts

New Taekwon-do Promotions at Infinity Martial Arts

Friday evening, eight students tested to advance their rank in TaeKwon-do. Under the watchful eye of head instructor Mr. Mike Otwell, each student performed a series of patterns, kicks, and self defense techniques.  We're happy to announce that it was one of the best promotional testings that we've had at Infinity Martial Arts!  All the testers did exceptionally well and took the next step in thier Taekwon-do journeys.

  • Amy - Blue Belt
  • Brody- Green Belt
  • Tyrus- Yellow Belt- Green Stripe
  • Chloe- Yellow Stripe
  • Annalynn- Yellow Stripe
  • Cullen- Yellow Stripe
  • Makelya- Yellow Stripe
  • Mahelya- Yellow Stripe


"Best Tester" award winner Amy demonstratining her kicks


Tyrus and Brody sparring


Maheyla taking down Mathew 


Brother and sister sparring session


Brody breaking his first board

Annalynn recieving her yellow tip

Congratulations to all the testers and thank you to all the black belts for helping out!


Photo Credit:Tami Shanholtz