5 Reasons Your Child Probably Doesn't Need Martial Arts
5 Reasons Your Child Probably Doesn't Need Martial Arts
5 Reasons Your Child Probably Doesn't Need Martial Arts

5 Reasons Your Child Probably Doesn't Need Martial Arts

1. Confidence and discipline is over rated.

Learning an art like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu could help your child build confidence and discipline. But, is that REALLY important? BJJ provides a structured learning environment where children are given a difficult tasks to perform. They must learn to pay attention, retain knowledge and then be able to execute the detail oriented move. As they begin to see what they can accomplish with a little hard work; that confidence and discipline will shine through in many other aspects of life. That probably doesn’t seem useful in day to day life, at all.

2. Your child probably has enough friends.

Facebook, snap chat, instagram... so many people in the world. There’s no way your child would want anymore friends. The thing about Jiu Jitsu is; it’s for everyone. All walks of life. Rich people, poor people, different religions, different races, disabilities... just everyone. Why would you subject your child to that? These friendships are forged through working together, understanding each other’s struggles and pulling together as a group to help everyone reach their individual goals. If there is something the world needs, that definitely doesn't sound like it.

3. There’s better ways to learn coordination

Learning to control your body? Not important. There’s no need to come to BJJ to learn hand-eye coordination when they could simply play video games. I mean, cognitive development and motor skills will come naturally... eventually.. maybe...hopefully... right? The fundamental motions of Jiu Jitsu are weird. Shrimps, gramby rolls, break falls? Sounds absurd. Using your body in stressful situations, doing complex movements, while simultaneously using their minds for advanced problem solving? Nah.

4. The best self defense is to pretend Bully’s don’t exist.

Science, polls, the news, all agree unanimously that bullying isn’t a real issue. I think..I read that... in a book. Jiu Jitsu kids learn conflict resolution, how to safely but effectively protect themselves, and how to stand up for each other. BJJ kids also have instructors that they can confide in with issues that they may not feel comfortable talking to their parents about. Jiu Jitsu was specifically designed as a self defense art for the smaller weaker individual to be able to defend against someone bigger and stronger. Luckily, bullying probably isn’t a issue, right?

5. If they don’t set goals, they can never fall short!  

Goals? Seems risky. What if your child wants to get a gold medal and only gets a silver? Or, what if they work really hard towards a promotion, but the coach doesn't’t think they are ready? That could be devastating. It’s definitely safer to make sure your child isn’t working too hard, reaching outside their comfort zone or striving to be the best version of them they can be.

Obviously, this post is satire. Martial Arts can be helpful in someway to all children. Whether they need discipline, an outlet for anger or energy, a bullying issue, confidence, I could go on and on. The important part is finding a reputable Academy and doing a little research. Take your child in for an introduction class and let them participate in the fun. After that, the REALLY important part is: consistency! Some days your child may not want to go: take them. Some days you may not want to take the time out of your day: do it anyway. Martial Arts isn’t a 6 week course, it’s a lifetime journey. Let them start, then help them stay the course!